Beaver River Lodge

All our hunts are based at our riverside lodge which is located near the confluence of two rivers, the Beaver and the Meadow.  Location was chosen for its proximity to both huntable and watchable wildlife and it is truly a unique and special place.  Situated on the edge of the forest line, our lodge provides for easy access to the agricultural lands to the south and to the lakes, rivers, and forest uplands to the north. There is a large Ducks Unlimited Marsh Project near the lodge which attracts a wide range of wildlife right to the front lawn!

  Beaver River Lodge

Accommodations are very comfortable, with all the amenities. We can accommodate from 2 to 16 guest at the main lodge which is also suitable for meetings, conventions, and family retreats.  Our available fleet of boats , ATVs, and vehicles provides a diversity of accessibility to explore our large land holdings.

fire pitsitting area

                                         Fire Pit                                                Porch overlooking the Beaver River


                     Entertainment Room                                                     Kitchen



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