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Since 1990 we have been sending our hunters home with large bodied, heavy horned, northern trophy white-tails. At 250 lbs to well over 300 lbs on the hoof these northern monarchs are exciting to hunt.  We have the habitat, the numbers, and the genetics for productive hunting and through selective harvest we constantly produce monster whitetail results.


Located in Saskatchewan's North West near the town of Meadow Lake our deer hunting area encompasses 215 square miles of largely aspen forest interspersed with stands of spruce and pine. Natural meadows, forest openings, ridges, lakes and logged areas, make for a varied terrain and topography.  Simply put, this is prime white-tail habitat.

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Our Saskatchewan whitetail deer hunts are 5 full days of baited stand hunting with the client arriving on Saturday and departing on Friday. Three weeks before the season our guides are out in the area looking for signs and setting up baits, blinds, and camares. The key to our success is in this preseason work. Through the years, we have learned a great deal about where our deer travel between the 80 to 100 stand sites. With the use of Cuddeback trail cameras we have an even better idea of what awaits our hunters.

Still Roaming the woods!

                                                                   Still Roaming the woods!


In addition to our hunts based at our fully modern lodge, we have 2 remote camps that have proven to be very popular with our hunters. One is a permanent cabin with thermostatically controlled propane heat and electric lights, the second is a remote tent camp, both which lie deep within the hunting concession. 


Finding deer is one thing.  Putting a hunter within range of a mature buck is another. Our guides are experienced hunters themselves.  Long before your arrival in camp our guides are exploring new areas, putting up new blinds, running cameras, and cutting shooting lanes.  They will be working even harder while you are hunting.  Checking the wind, continuously checking cameras and bait stations, re-checking the wind, and finally professionally taking care of your trophy once harvested.

John Gasioworski 2015 Tommy Bihm 2015

    John Gasioworski 2015                                                                       Tommy Bihm 2015

Please remember that our guides aim to please and work very hard at their job.  A tip to your guide is customary.


Price Schedule 2016

White-tail Deer Hunt

Price: $5500, non-hunter fee: $275/day

All prices are in U.S. funds, and include: meals, accommodation, outfitting guides, trophy care, field transport, taxes and license fees.

Read the fine print!

All our hunts are booked with a 50% deposit with the balance payable 2 months before the scheduled start date. For trips booked several years in advance a $500 deposit will be required at booking and an additional amount equal to the remainder to bring the total up to 50% will be due no later than January 31st of the year of the hunt. All hunters must sign our outfitter/client contract. All our hunts are fully guided and include meals, accommodation, bedding, field transportation and trophy care.

All payments are non refundable after Jan.1 of the year of the hunt. Cancellations prior to Jan.1 of the hunt year will incur a $100 service fee.

There are 3 steps to booking a trip with us and are as follows:

  1. reserve by telephone the dates you want.
  2. send in a 50% deposit to arrive within 14 days of your telephoned reservation.
  3. please print a copy of our liability waiver and either mail, fax or bring with you when you come to camp. All hunters must read and sign a copy of our liability waiver before they will be allowed to hunt.

Note: if you are leaving a message for us do leave all your phone numbers so that we can confirm your reservation.

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