Outpost Camps

For those wanting a more rustic and less technological accommodation, we offer our seclude Minnow Lake camp and the more remote Moose Lake tent camp.

The Minnow Lake Outpost Camp is situated on a large hill overlooking Minnow Lake.  If there is a more peaceful location in Canada, we have yet to find it.   The Minnow Lake Camp is utilized to access central reaches of the property.  It features 2 bedrooms with bunk beds to accommodate 4 comfortably, propane heat, lights, cook stove, and fridge.  It is easiest accessed by water, though it is possible to drive to the camp.



The minnow lake camp has excellent deer hunting in October, November, and December; pike fishing and black bear in May, June, September to Mid October and unbelievable duck hunting mid September to mid October. For those deer hunters who like camping and mother nature we have the remote and rustic Moose Lake tent camp, complete with tents, wood stove heat and sleeping bags.


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